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Sometimes a fight is better black && white.

Kex be the AWSM-est, desu yo~
3 November 1996
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✖ Hee.
KEX is a 12 year old fangirl currently residing in Makati Philippines. Ignore the banner up there and read on xD

✖ KEX da gr8.
Kex makes icons and writes fanfics. ^^ I also enjoy reading books apart from having my head glued to the television set or the computer's monitor. Kex has a dog named Toodles and two lil sibs, Jin and Dylan. Kex loves drawing manga and chewing the ends of ballpoint pens. She loves everything gummi and large lollipops and jawbreakers. Kex is crazy and wacky and sometimes corny. She's weird and unique and undeniably cute. *shot* Kex also loves the smell of chlorine in hair after swimming. She also likes sunglasses and hats. She`s in a way sadistic.. but she`s lovable that way ne? *stabbed*

✖ Fandom YEAH.
I love KPOP, JPOP, and Taiwanese Pop. I also like OPM a lot. My ultimate and forever ichiban is Taiga Kyomoto.. but I also like everyone in JE especially Kei Inoo, Ryutaro Morimoto, Chinen Yuri, Aiba Masaki, Sho Sakurai.. etc. I've only been a KPOP fan recently(as in for about 5 months?) but my faves are Lee Dong Hae, Cho Kyu Hyun, Lee Tae Min and Kim Ki Bum(SHINee). My first ever JE band was Arashi. My favorite songs are Super Junior's Why I Like You, Arashi's Step and Go && Pika**nchi Double. I`m also fond of Western music, btw, and I like Paramore, the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift a whole lot. I'm ADDICTED to Harry Potter and Hana Yori Dango. Go on and add me, and you'll see that I'm one heck of a crazy carnival ride xDD


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